Stamped Metal Jewelry

April 4th, 2011

Had a lot of fun this weekend just playing around with my metal stamps. I created a cute bracelet for my grandmother from some scraps of sterling silver and some odds and ends charms and gemstone beads. I went with the “Birds, Bees and Buds” theme since that matched up well to the stamps that I have! I cut the scraps into rectangles, then stamped, oxidized and sanded them. Then I punched holes in the sides and attached everything with sterling silver wire. I used a square Aventurine bead, an Amethyst nugget, dyed turquoise bead (looks like a Robin’s egg!), lemon ”jade”, Snowflake Obsidian (2 beads), and a rose colored Swarovski Crystal. I made a little “bee” out of one onyx and one yellow glass bead.

I also made myself a “mother’s” pendant. I had been looking at several – some circles, some with gemstones, etc. but those just weren’t quite me. Then I decided to go vertical and it all fell into place. Lots of fun! And it goes with my hammered silver jewelry that I have so much of…

Would love to see your stamped jewelry! Share, please!

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